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National Green Jobs Corps was an Australian Government work experience and training program that offered a combination of environmental work experience, skill development and accredited training for youth aged 17 to 24 years. 

Through this program, it has been estimated 10,000 young Australians had the ability to fill employment opportunities in emerging green and climate change industries.

With National Green Jobs Corps running at ITeC since 2009, the project  provided not only manpower to the Killalea State Park, but it has assisted in building the confidence of the participants, encouraging a commitment to ongoing education while participants learn worthwhile work and life skills that put them on the pathway to employment and further education.

ITeC        Killalea State Park – Greening within Shellharbour City                                                      

                Killalea State Park – Preserving our Natural Wonder

WCET      Lake Illawarra Authority – Hooka Point Berkeley 

                Lake Illawarra Authority – Hooka Point & Heritage Park Regeneration Project

                Shellharbour & Killalea State Park – Community Resource Conservation Project  

The National Green Jobs Corps:

  • Provides environmental and heritage work experience in structured projects and activities
  • Focuses on conservation, protection and rejuvenation of Australia’s natural environment
  • Provides a range of personal development opportunities including team work and job preparation skills
  • Assist in developing strong community connections through participation and contribution to the community
  • Improves career and employment opportunities through accredited training and on the job experience
  • Assist in preparing young people for employment through developing time management skills

Experienced and passionate conservation trainers supported participants through their Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management in a practical training environment while providing transport, uniform and individual learning support.

Jobs Fund Scheme

ITeC has recently completed a 12 month project made possible through funding from the Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Jobs Fund Scheme.

The project was designed to create employment opportunities in the Illawarra, while providing a much needed upgrade to the community facilities at Ron Costello Oval in Shellharbour.

The home of the Shellharbour Sharks has seen a major regeneration throughout the project, including the integration of many state of the art facilities focused on sustainability and utilising green-building techniques.

The project has provided:

  • North and south grandstands with seating
  • Underground field irrigation system
  • Gymnasium complete with rooftop solar system
  • New amenities buildings with canteen facilities and club rooms
  • New eastern toilets and covered viewing platform
  • Water tank for collection of rain water

The project created up to 60 employment opportunities throughout the 12 month period including:

  • Construction Trainees
  • Project Supervisors and Management
  • Administration and Support personnel
  • Contract Tradesmen
  • Consultancy providers

All trainees employed by ITeC were successful in gaining nationally recoginised training in the construction industry and this has provided them with much needed employment experience and career pathways.

Through the traineeship and mentoring program put in place throughout the project, some of the Construction Trainees have moved onto to ongoing employment including local trade apprenticeships.

The project also provided many local students with the opportunity to undertake practical work experience in the construction and trades areas and assisted them in meeting the requirements for their Higher School Certificates.

Overall, the project has been widely successful, exceeding all of its objectives including job generation, upgrading community facilities and highlighting the importance of green construction in the local area.

Radio Freedom

This program provided Illawarra Youth (16-25 years old) who may be been disengaged from learning, friends or family, the opportunity to overcome mental health issues through alternative methods of accessing creative technologies and learning positive expression. Radio Freedom was designed as a gateway for learning and a bridge to structured training and/or employment.

Radio Freedom provided kids the following opportunities:

  • To create music and radio projects
  • Hands-on work experience in a Music Studio, Radio Facility & Theatre
  • Experience in a creative, motivating and inspiring work environment
  • Participants will meet like-minded people
  • Engage with local mentors, teachers and positive community leaders
  • Development new skills through creative exploration where they can see themselves as contributing community members